Better double wrapped than sorry.

Like every good wine or magnificent beer, all ingredients strengthen each other to achieve a perfect taste. This taste needs to be captured in the best possible way to ensure it only opens its secrets when YOU drink it. This is the same for COPAG 310® Playing Cards.
TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH is the result of a perfect balance between stock, coating, linen finish and cutting. To make sure we don’t lose any of this carefully developed balance, we pack the cards in a very specific way. A double wrap. A double cello wrap.

A very first time exactly 0.52 seconds after cutting. This assures all cards blessed with the TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH arrive in your hands in the best preserved way possible. But safe is not safe enough. Of course we want to make sure you, and not somebody else, touch the deck for the first time, so we also cello wrap the tuckbox as a double safety. An extra shield. To be 310% sure the finish only reveals it’s magic for the very first time in your hands.

In the unlikely event of cards suffering extreme conditions please read carefully following safety procedures:

  • In extreme weather conditions or in rooms with high drought or high humidity please make sure you give the cards the chance to acclimatize. Release both cello wraps and put the cards back into the pack for a couple of minutes.
  • Do cards bend? Put the bent cards in the middle of the pack and let it rest in the tuckbox.
  • Make sure you always store the cards in a closed tuckbox.
  • Did you know you it also helps to put bent cards in a plastic bag in the freezer for one night?
  • … share your best advice to recover playing cards.

Now how to look like an absolute pro when opening all of these cello wraps?

First of all, the tuckbox

Discover the half-moon slit on the back of the pack and gently pull the convenient tab.
Remove the top part of the cello wrap …
… and take the tuckbox out of the bottom part of the cello wrap, very gently

Now it’s time to release the cards: “the breakthrough”

Open the tuckbox and carefully slide out the deck in cellophane. In all your impatience, which we understand completely, don’t start peeling off the cello wrap from the cards bit by bit. There is a magical way to do it.
Put your right hand thumb parallel to the short side of the cards. Put your left hand thumb parallel to the long side of the cards.
Pull both corners down and … click … there it is. A magical sound. The cello wrap breaks and the cards are ready to be handled by you, the master. Okay, we agree, the sound of a card dribble is probably the best in the world, but this COPAG 310® click must really be the second best.